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Brush Fountain Pen Care Instructions

Your Brush Fountain Pen Dissected


The Brush Fountain Pen has been designed to provide a beautifully balanced writing experience. We strongly suggest not posting the cap (placing it on the body while writing). This also minimizes the likelihood of scratching the pen body.

How to Fill and Maintain your Brush Fountain Pen


• To refill your Brush fountain pen, simply unscrew the barrel, dip the pen into the ink bottle (nib facing downwards), and twist the knob of the converter and watch the ink fill the reservoir.

• To clean your nib, unscrew the feeder from the barrel and run cold water through it until the water is completely clear. If your pen has not been used for longer periods of time, you may need to soak the nib in water for 24 hours. Next, set the feeder down on a clean paper towel until ink no longer bleeds out. Once cleaned and thoroughly dry, the nib is ready to be used again.