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The Hall of Adventurers

Welcome to Bearnice’s Bookshop, where the stories of Ferris Wheel Press come to life. Meet the adventurers of these wonderful tales. From the daring adventures of Patch, to the historical dramas of Lord H.H. Evergreen, every bookshelf holds a story waiting to unfold. At Bearnice’s Bookshop, there is always a new world to explore.

Follow every adventure @bearnice.books.fwp.


Favourite colour: Sage Green
Favourite food: Salmon Pie

With a dream and fierce determination, the young Bearnice Bearrington broke from family tradition, striking out on her own, determined to forge her own path. For years she travelled the world, picking up odd jobs, experiencing as much as possible. But as years passed, she began to yearn for something more meaningful. Despite her adventurous spirit, a sense of purpose eluded her. She longed for a calling that would ignite her soul and leave a lasting impact. With that, she settled on opening her bookshop, Bearrington Books, hoping to bring great adventures to all who cross her threshold.

Bearrington Books is a whirlwind of stories and light-hearted mishaps. Her passion for fairy tales and adventures are reflected in her expansive literature collections, and spill over into spirited storytelling sessions. Bearnice's bookshop thrives on her infectious enthusiasm, hosting quirky book clubs and engaging storytelling nights that draw the community closer. It's a place where laughter is as common as the rustle of pages, reflecting Bearnice's dream to fill lives with adventure and connection.